Perception is wrong

Mr. McMullen’s perception of Patricia’s closing is way off base.

For him to assume that anything was handed to Mr. Farr shows the true lack of understanding that some have about what it takes to operate a restaurant. A restaurant is a lifestyle CHOICE not a job. Your entire life has to revolve around that store functioning.

Mr. Farr was an operating owner, which is a far cry from the restaurants that have owners that rarely set foot in their own stores. It would be beneficial for Mr. McMullen to properly educate himself on the difference between a chain corporate restaurant and a locally owned and operated franchise.

A restaurant with a recognizable logo isn’t a de facto “chain” restaurant as Mr. McMullen insinuates. Finding people that are willing to share your passion for doing a quality job in your restaurant is far more difficult than finding someone to punch a time clock 9-5, 5 days per week. I am extremely fortunate to have wonderful extremely hard working people on my team including the new additions of Mary and Shelly from Mr. Farr’s establishment. For most restaurants though, it is going to get more difficult to find quality hard working people.

The labor pool of people willing to work in the service industries in general is diminishing quickly, especially in a town over saturated with restaurants, and a country over saturated with welfare handouts. There are very few willing to work for it when the government is so willing to give it to you. Minimum wage isn’t the problem either, minimum initiative is. Kudos to Mr. Farr and is ambition to get to rejoin everyday life and enjoy time with his family. The entire Farr family deserves it.

Justin Stock


Sedalia Democrat
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