Respect the president

Our President is a deliberate and intellectual man. He thoroughly assesses a problem with consultation and moves ahead as he is ready. Such individuals are rare, but very valued. I was married to one for 62 years.

He could never be hurried. Possessing high integrity, he never took someone’s word for something, saying that was only their opinion. He relied on himself – and if he was wrong accepted

That also, with no regrets or excuses.

Such individuals are to be prized – not ridiculed. At times they may seem infuriating and inflexible and others may rant and rave at them. Their way may not be your way – but as history usually points out – it was/is the correct way.

Take a deep breath. Indulge in your favorite recreation. The world will continue on with President Obama in charge. Putin’s and Trump’s come and go – but an Obama is a treasure. Delight in him, enjoy him, he will not be here forever, but our world and our United States will be the better off with his measured, fair approach.

Dr. Margaret L. Harlan

Pettis County

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