Celebrating Catholic schools

Dear Editor,

This past week Sacred Heart School celebrated Catholic Schools Week.

Each year one week is set aside to celebrate why we have Catholic Schools. This year the theme was: Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service. While Catholic Schools share a mission with the public school system in preparing our young people for their future and giving them the tools they need to become successful, we believe we have an added dimension to this mission which is to pass on the faith which will sustain them in their future endeavors.

The Catholic School system at all levels of education has a strong and proven record in the history of the United States. While, in the beginning, it was primarily to offer support to parents in the raising of their children in the faith, it has become ecumenical and open to other faith traditions in its approach while maintaining its Catholic identity. Within the curriculum there is also the emphasis on worship, the study of Scripture and Tradition, the theology of our sacramental system, and the tenets of our Catholic Social Teaching which guides us in our response to the social issues of our day.

On the level of elementary and secondary levels of Catholic education, no government or public monies is used to support Catholic education. This is maintained solely by the families who choose to enroll their children within the Catholic school system. Financially, this is not a cheap mission. It costs around $ 6400.00 to educate a student at Sacred Heart School. This is funded through three primary entities: tuition, parish subsidies, and the school foundation. While we believe parents are the primary teachers of their children in the faith, we believe there is a strong relationship between the school and the family to assist one another in this God-given mission.

We want to thank Mayor Galliher and the city of Sedalia for naming this past week as Catholic Schools Week. If you wish to find out more about Sacred Heart School you can turn to our website: www.gogremlins.com or call the school office at 827-3800 during school hours. We would love to hear from you and answer your questions. We have been a part of the Sedalia community since 1907 with our elementary school and since 1941 with our high school.

The Rev. Mark Miller

Catholic Churches of Pettis County

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