Your vote is vital

I would like to start off thanking Mayor Galliher and all the new Board members for all they have done in helping to get our hospital back into the hands of this community.

The appointing of new members to the board of Trustees was a key move in heading us back to the kind of patient care we were use to giving and receiving. I will have to say however, there are still a couple of “bad apples” from that same tree left in the basket.

I hope that will be addressed as soon as is possible. Another purpose of this letter is to say that I would hate to see these positive steps weakened by putting someone who was a part of the problems at Bothwell hospital on our city council. I am a fourth ward resident and while individuals are elected to represent each ward we must remember that they play a part in what happens concerning the city as a whole.

Mr.Fritz extols his time as an appointee of John Dawes stating he “contributed in making significant and exciting changes” for Bothwell, in view of how so many of these changes negatively affected many in this community I would think he would not be a good choice for our city council. It would be steps backward.

How could someone who was on the “same page” as the biggest problem at Bothwell possibly be on the “same page” as to where we are heading now ? I suppose the point I’m trying to make is our votes matter. It is often easy to think that these smaller local elections don’t make much difference.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m especially calling out to my fellow fourth warders to think about the direction we want to go and to make the effort to go and vote in April, and I extend that to Sedalia as a whole.

Joni Dillon


Sedalia Democrat
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