New S-C boys tennis coach hopes for promising spring

By Jenna Northcutt - Smith-Cotton High School

By Jenna Northcutt

Smith-Cotton High School

Smith-Cotton’s boys tennis team is looking forward to a great season this spring, and new coach Rush Walters wants to help the players achieve that goal.

Walters, who graduated from S-C in 2011, has never coached tennis; he started playing the sport his freshman year in high school.

“Before that I never picked up a racquet. My freshman year I was interested in playing and I had friends who were on the team, so I decided to play,” Walters said, recalling how much fun he had playing in high school. Smith-Cotton Principal Wade Norton described Walters as a “hard worker, dedicated and (wants) to be successful.”

After high school , Walters attended State Fair Community College for two years; he then transferred to Central Methodist University to major in middle school education. Walters was already a Sedalia 200 teacher when he was asked to coach the boys tennis team.

“I have always been interested in coaching tennis,” Walters said. “One morning when I was walking into the school, Mr. Norton asked me if I would be interested in coaching boys tennis; it was the first thing he said to me that morning. I told him I would love to, and soon enough I became the coach.”

Athletic Director Rob Davis said he knew that Walters “had a passion for tennis, good background and the personality for it.” Norton said he is “excited for what is to come with the team and confident in Coach Walters’ abilities.”

Walters describes the upcoming season as promising.

“There are a lot of boys interested in playing this year,” he said. Tryouts for the team will take place in the spring, and Walters expects fierce competition.

“Of course I would like for the boys to have a winning season, but most importantly, I want them to work hard in the classroom, during practice and during a match” he said.

Jenna Northcutt is a Smith-Cotton High School student.

Jenna Northcutt is a Smith-Cotton High School student.

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