Strong lineup leading Bombers

Stewart Nelson hits a fly ball during Monday’s game against the Generals.

Jonathan Ramon scores a run during Monday’s game against the Ozark Generals.

Rain forced the Sedalia Bombers’ last two games to be postponed, so the team is taking advantage of the time to stay fresh and keep practicing.

“In the summer you come to play everyday and that’s what we look forward to to get our at-bats in,” said Jordan Dey. “We’re not looking forward to rain outs, but that’s part of the process. It’s good to have a day off here and there, but not two in a row.”

The hitters were in the cages at Kindle Sports Academy on Friday evening, trying to keep their swings right ahead of Sunday’s at Ozark.

The Bombers are 4-2 so far and have scored an astounding 58 runs, including games with 14, 18 and 19 runs.

“With a wooden bat it’s impressive, it really is impressive,” said Bombers coach Craig McAndrews. “At the same time when you look at the stat line, we’re still playing small ball. We’re bunting for a hit, we’re sacrificing.”

Four runs went up on the scoreboard for the Bombers in the first two games combined, but the scoring skyrocketed quickly.

Dey said it took him some time to get back into playing form and see pitches better.

“The first couple games I don’t think I was seeing it very well and now that I’m getting accustomed back into playing after having a couple of weeks off I feel really good,” he said.

As a team, the Bombers are hitting .336. Trey Harris leads the team with a .467 batting average. Dey and Jerrod Perry are also hitting .400 or better.

Jonathan Ramon leads with three home runs and is batting .333. Eight Bombers are hitting .333 or better.

“Top to bottom, I think everyone is a great ball player,” he said. “Everyone has the ability to put a good swing on the ball.”

What makes this team dangerous is the number of players who can play at many positions in the field and produce at the plate. The Bombers have had 14 players bat at least six times and 11 have 15 at-bats.

“We have 14 hitters and they are all pretty good hitters,” McAndrews said. “It’s good to keep them fresh but at the same time it’s hard to decide who to play. We have some versatile guys who can play three or four positions, so it’s nice to have that.”

The team is hoping the weather will warm up and dry out some to let the hot hitting continue.

Sunday is the next scheduled game, which is a 7 p.m. start at the Ozark Generals. The team returns home Monday against Clarinda.

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