All of All life/lives matter to God

Billy Foster - Bethel Family Church

In the recent year we have heard several mantras relating to what lives matter. It seems that the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) mantra brought the response of some saying, “All Lives Matter” (ALM). As things continued to escalate the need to mention that “Blue Lives Matter” also began. Each of them are loaded with emotion and some sort of history or context that is too much to speak about within this word count.

The first mantra was born out of a continued problem that stretches back hundreds of years and is a response in our present day to issues that exposed a deep wound. In part it is coming from the reality that these lives had no value. They were brought and sold as property to the highest bidder. Treated worse than animals, raped, hung, murdered, and denied based on their skin tone. Family trees, identity, and history were erased to never be recovered. It also speaks to the struggle of a people to be considered human, then fighting for a level of equality and the freedom to learn, live, and prosper; while desiring freedom from the varied forms of bondage and terrorism. These memories were re-ignited when exposed abuses of authority seemed to be handled without consequence and confirming the reality that some things have not changed. ALM seemed to be a reaction to BLM and began fueling social and political positions one way or the other.

Whether you are talking about Black, Blue, or All Lives; these mantras still fall short of the Biblical perspective that would bring a sort of radical adjustment in our culture, which would be that “ALL Life” or “All of Life Matters” to God. We don’t see either group protesting or helping to end the sex slave trade going right on under our noses, but ALL these lives matter to God. Neither group is going into crime or drug ridden neighborhoods in mass numbers to tell their fellow men and women to stop killing each other or to provide assistance to help change the city, but ALL of these lives matter to God. In the middle of the chaos it is Blue lives who stand in “God given authority” to bring some sort of order to injustices. They are to, “execute justice and rule rightly and without partiality, and we are to respect them as unto God.” (My paraphrase) In addition we are to pray for them and our government so that “ALL of us can live peaceable lives”.

Going one step further, it would be a radical change if we heard the voices or saw the BLM or ALM movements protesting in the streets to ignite change or new legislation to protect millions of unborn babies whose lives were stopped before they have a chance to take their first breath. Instead, we fight for legislation and the right to “part them out” and do what we want with these lives even though those lives mattered to God. In juxtaposition, God tells Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I set you apart for a specific purpose.” Before John and Jesus were conceived God told their parents about the purpose, importance, and impact of their lives. Just as God had a purpose and a plan for their lives, He created each of us with a purpose.

Ephesians 2 tell us that, “We are His work of art (His workmanship), designed for a purpose in Christ!” “He created us gifts and abilities for good works, which He prepared for us in Christ!” He pre-loaded you with things that only you can do the way you do it. You are designed to leave a mark in this world. Some are designed for war, some are designed to serve and protect, and some have specific gifts, talents, and abilities in them to dramatically impact the lives of others in positive ways. Whether you believe in God or not He believes in YOU! People and society will project and push their prejudices upon you. Life and circumstances can bring destruction, but God has good plans for our future no matter where we find ourselves right now.

In conclusion, God is not stuck on race, culture, or economic status He desires ALL people to be in a living relationship with Him before they leave this side of eternity. He is holding back the time of judgment until “All have heard of His plan to bring them back into relationship with Him through Christ.” He is anticipating the day when, “every tribe, tongue, and nation is worshipping before Him”. We come to realize our “full worth” and purpose when we connect our lives to the One who gave us life and accept His love toward us. All of All life/lives matter to Him!

Billy Foster

Bethel Family Church

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