Stop divisive lies

This is in response to the article about State Representative candidate Nathan Beard. In his speech, Mr. Beard said several things that need correcting.

Mr. Beard said it’s impossible to be a fiscal conservative and a Democrat, and then made up numbers about how that somehow costs taxpayers “billions and billions of dollars.” Not only is it possible, but it’s more and more common that the truly fiscally responsible candidates are running on the Democratic ticket.

Mr. Garner is a common sense candidate who understands you can’t just wish for money to appear to fund our roads, schools, law enforcement, and other fundamental services. That’s what being a fiscal conservative used to mean. It meant spending our money wisely, but understanding that we do have to bring in money for basic necessities. Anymore, the Republican Party has made “fiscal conservatism” to only mean opposing all taxes and slashing all spending. That’s not conservatism, that’s reckless and irresponsible. The lie that Democrats just want to waste all of our money has gone on too long and I’m happy to see a Democrat embracing true fiscal conservatism.

The other point that must be addressed is this lie about guns. Mr. Garner isn’t trying to limit anyone’s Constitutional rights. My husband was Sheriff here for many years and a Federal Marshall and he knows what this sort of law does to our police and sheriff’s departments. Standing with law enforcement when they say the gun bill that was passed is reckless and makes their job harder while making our officers less safe is not going against the Second Amendment, it’s standing up for common sense. Mr. Beard keeps repeating the line that the bill only makes it legal to put on a jacket, ignoring the full scope of the law.

We need Representatives who will do more than repeat these divisive political lies and I hope our community thinks about that this November.

Alice Fairfax


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