Hillary is wrong choice

Witnessing the reaction of some to the coarse statements made by Donald Trump a decade ago I couldn’t help but compare the reaction to the “safe space” craze sweeping campuses across our nation. Don’t get me wrong; his statements were crude and ill advised and he himself has acknowledged that. Those who don’t like Trump will jump on this with a, “See I told you he wasn’t a good Presidential candidate” or in the case of Hillary supporters a “See he is so unfit; look at his temperament”

I have to believe that those who don’t support Trump will jump on anything they can find to label him unfit. As for myself; I compare coarse statements to the current position America is in and there’s no comparison. We face a build up of disdain and downright antagonism from our enemies around the world. We face a totally destroyed health insurance and healthcare market from the policies of national Democrats (remember no Republicans voted for Obamacare.) We face an unsustainable debt from our Washington elite on both sides of the aisle and no end in sight. We face a totally politicized federal gangster government that punishes the “little people” in the country but allows their own to break laws at will. We face an IRS that comes after groups with differing opinions and it continues to this day. We have more people on food stamps and welfare than ever in the history of our country and we have a President who issues decrees as if he is an emperor.

We sit back and allow progressives to import by the thousands immigrants from terrorist countries and we allow them to partake in the welfare system that hard working Americans support through enforced taxation.

Hillary Clinton is a big part of the administration that has destroyed America and now she wants to be President?? If you feel rude statements rise to the level of destruction we face with Hillary Clinton then by all means vote for her. I for one accept Trump’s apology because I understand that though he may need to watch his words more carefully he knows what it means if Hillary is elected. He realizes she is as corrupt and deceitful as the rest of the Washington establishment. From her money laundering foundation to her absolute disdain for all of us in “flyover country” she is the final nail in the coffin of America.

Cindy O’Laughlin


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