Don’t fall for Trump’s scam

Travis McMullen - Contributing Columnist

How is anyone falling for the great Donald Trump scam? How can anyone listen to this man for more than a minute or two and come away with the idea that he’s fit to be president?

Donald Trump isn’t interested in the presidency because he wants to serve the people. He wants to use the presidency as a launch pad for the international Trump brand. He wants to use to use the connections that come with being the president of what is already the greatest nation on Earth to peddle influence and profit personally. He wants to sell overpriced crap to dignitaries and spray paint his name in gold all over America’s international reputation.

Have you seen his tax plan? Do the ultra-rich need more financial breaks? Do you honestly believe that Donald Trump will serve anyone but himself and his friends in the 1 percent?

And what’s with all this “Make America Great Again” stuff? When George W. Bush was in office any criticism of the country, valid or otherwise, was met with rocky resistance. Love it or leave it, they said, criticizing the president is practically treason! And now people are accepting the premise that America isn’t great because an orange loudmouth had some hats printed up? America is great, and if we want it to stay great we can’t let Donald Trump anywhere near the White House.

Look, it’s impressive that Donald Trump woke up one morning and just decided he was going to run roughshod over an entire political party. His annihilation of every Republican that dared to challenge him for the nomination was impressive and even entertaining until it all stopped being a big joke and became all too real.

Donald Trump is the first Republican candidate for President to refuse to release his tax returns since Richard Nixon. You can’t criticize other politicians for their supposed lack of transparency while cheering for the man who won’t even release the basic information expected of a presidential candidate. His refusal to do so could set a dangerous potential president precedent – if Trump didn’t do it, I won’t either and there are some other secrets I’d like to keep, too. Even Mitt “Car Elevator” Romney eventually reluctantly released his tax returns.

Maybe he doesn’t want to release them because they would reveal that he doesn’t pay any taxes, and exists as little more than a financial burden to the country at large (Well, we already determined that so there must be other reasons.) Maybe he’s not really rich, or maybe he receives a regular paycheck from one Russian official or another.

If he does become president he should refuse his salary until he’s all paid up on his taxes.

Even before Trump came around there was a strange phenomenon among certain right-leaning individuals where they came to admire Russian President Vladimir Putin. How can anyone be taken seriously when they say they would rather be living under the boot of a dictator than under the guidance of a reasonable man who they disagree with frequently? Say what you will about President Barack Obama, but I think anyone with any sense at all can agree that he’s preferable to Vladimir Putin.

The Ronald Reagan mythos is built largely on his fight against communism and he is probably spinning in his grave because of his fellow party members openly pining for a shirtless Russian dictator and supporting a presidential candidate who seems to be Putin’s best friend. (Don’t be silly, Trump has never even heard of Vladimir Putin! If you don’t like that response, just ask again later and he’ll have a different one for you!)

I scoff whenever someone accuses Hillary Clinton of being a liar. Do the people who throw around that accusation even know who their candidate is? Donald Trump lies so frequently and so boldly that it’s a wonder he hasn’t driven away all of his supporters. Maybe truthfulness isn’t really a thing certain people look for in their president. According to 71 percent of the Trump statements that they’ve evaluated are “Mostly False” or worse. Thirty four percent are regular false, and 18 percent are “pants on fire” false.

Meanwhile, only 26 percent of the statements they’ve evaluated from Hillary Clinton are “Mostly False” or worse. Trump lies like he’s on the payroll of the American Liar’s Association. This is classic projection: assign your problems to your opponent. Most of the criticisms of Clinton are at least twice as true about Trump. Hillary Clinton is a warmonger? Donald Trump literally once said that he loved war!

Donald Trump has left a trail of failed businesses in his wake. He’s screwed over investors and friends and built whatever empire he does have on the backs of hard-working people while he sits pretty on a literal golden throne in a golden room.

Please, America, don’t let this jackal reach the highest office in the land.

Travis McMullen

Contributing Columnist

Travis McMullen is a longtime Sedalia resident who shares his views on the city through his weekly Democrat column.

Travis McMullen is a longtime Sedalia resident who shares his views on the city through his weekly Democrat column.

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