Choice is simple

Within a few days we all will go to our polling place and make our choice of leaders, from the courthouse to the White House. It has been decades since have seen a national election whose outcome will have a major impact on our lives and that of generations to come.

The last two elections have brought startling negative changes to our lifestyle, culture, and general well being of the country. We have seen the nation’s debt reach levels that are not sustainable, millions are out of the workforce, wages are stagnant, we are still bogged down in two foreign wars, hundreds have been killed by domestic terror, and thousands are being slaughtered in our inner cities, by drug driven gangs and we have seen our police demoralized by the lie of Black Lives Matter.

Our government has been corrupted at many levels, as the IRS, FBI, EPA, and Justice Department have been used to support the political agenda of the party in power. Our borders are wide open allowing illegal aliens to burden our health care and education systems. Many of our cities offer these criminals “sanctions” in violation of the federal laws, that are ignored by the government that is supposed to enforce them. We have seen our Jewish and Christian religious freedom challenged by a secular government that coddles Islamic schools that preach hate. We have watched while laws intended to be enforced are circumvented by unconstitutional executive orders.

Our education systems, at both the local and national level, have essentially been federalized, from what food has to served in the cafeteria, how subjects are taught, and what bathrooms have to be assigned by what gender the students may feel like on a particular day. Our universities have long been teaching against the capitalist system that once brought prosperity to millions and we now see our nations anthem disrespected at sports arenas, from the majors to high school fields. Our military has been hollowed out and demoralized by continuous deployments to places in the world that really have no direct bearing on our national security, while the military leaders who opposed these policies, have been “retired’ of shifted to assignments of silence.

Congress, supposedly the voice of the people, has long been subverted by the corporate and other special interest groups and has proven to be feckless in their opposition to a massively growing federal government that crushes our individual rights and smothers our farmers and businesses with Stalinist like regulations. The last bulwark against this tyranny , the Supreme Court, could soon be eviscerated by a liberal tsunami of “law making” judges with the potential to stifle our basic personal rights.

Seniors, workers, and college students, are suffering due to a European style monetary policy that punishes savers with zero interest rates, burdens businesses with high taxes, inflates the stock market with improbable wealth, and enslaves students with liberal loans they may never be able to pay off. There are more people on food stamps, disability payments , and other non-work programs than at any time in our history and almost 50 percent of all residents pay no federal income tax at all, leaving the bulk to be paid by those working, sometimes at two jobs to meet ends. We have the highest corporate taxes in the world that have helped to drive many companies and jobs out of the country while contributing to the lowest GDP growth in history.

Both national political parties are guilty of causing many of these problems, through their neglect of the real people they are supposed to serve. Yet , in this election cycle one individual came forward to run for President. He is no politician nor is he a saint. He is one who has recognized the problems and really wants to address them. He is not beholden to anyone or group. He does not need money from the bankers or unions. He did not ask for any favors from the political class, nor does he care if they support him. He seems to be sincere in his desire to really help all the people in the nation expecting no reward beyond the personal satisfaction of seeing his country succeed. For his selfless efforts, has been savaged by the media who are in full support of the grafters and criminals of the political class in Washington, and has been viciously attacked repeatedly by the most voracious and corrupt political machine to have ever been assembled by the Clinton’s and the Democrat Party.

The choice on November 8, should be a simple one, if you love your family, your religious freedom, your personal rights, the U.S. Constitution and your country.

Ken Bird


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