Everyday is Veterans Day

Since 1954, Veterans Day has been observed to honor U. S. military Veterans. Across America, communities hold events, businesses offer free products and individuals donate time and energy to recognize Veterans. These activities and the countless benefits provided at local, state and federal levels reinforce the importance of that celebration. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the most visible and forward facing evidence that America cares deeply about Veterans. Truman VA is a projection of that commitment in the heart of Missouri.

Individuals who serve in wars often undergo great sacrifices. Some are killed and some are badly injured. Even those who leave the military unscathed have endured sacrifices such as long separations from families and putting personal lives and civilian careers on hold. Honoring Veterans is a way for Americans to offer thanks for those sacrifices. It can be as simple as expressing thanks to a Veteran on the street or writing a letter to a soldier overseas.

I believe the most important aspect of Veterans Day is what it teaches future generations about our commitment. When the next generation sees a country that cares for its Veterans, it further strengthens our country and ensures future generations of Americans will continue to routinely answer the call to serve.

Truman VA employees are honored to care for and serve Veterans of all generations and walks of life every day. That is why, at Truman VA, every day is Veterans Day!

David Issacks, FACHE


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